Here we go folks! 1:st out of many collabos between me and the homie SAMMY GALLOWZ from NZ! The joint is entitled “Fade Out” and you can listen to it and download it for free here:


3 leaks from “SUPREME”

Hey guys! Hope everything is well with all of you!

Me & BEAST 1333 have leaked a new joint from our upcoming album, “SUPREME“, called “Exogenesis“. We will soon reveal the artwork and more info of the album. Until then please enjoy, download and share these 3 leaks from the album:




“The Grand Instrumentals” is out!

The votes are in and “The Grand Instrumentals” is out! It’s 20 instrumentals, some of them you have heard before and some not. The digital album is set to a minimum of $3 (USD) but you can buy it for more then that of course! Here’s where you can buy the album:

My official Bandcamp page

A little history behind the album:

I produced, mixed and did the artwork for this album when i was in a group called “Conspiracy of Mind“. This was our first and last full length LP we released. It features emcees such as: Guerilla War Tactix, Canibus, Chino XL and more.


Good morning!

Hope all is well with everybody this Monday aka Moonday. Let’s dive right into it shall we?


UNFUCKWITABLE” a collaborative double album between MASTA BUILDAS & TEMPLARS OF HIP HOP. It features 33 songs of pure uncut HIP HOP! Artists that can be found on the album are:

  • Beast 1333
  • Apakalypse
  • Jah Nigga Da Baptist
  • Atma
  • Lord Gamma
  • DJ Trickalome
  • NoEmotion

Today, June 6:th is the official release date.

You can get the digital double LP @ all the on-line retail outlets:

iTunes | Amazon | CD Baby

Physical copies are available at:



Artwork is done by the very talented: KILLAH GRAPHICZ




Hope all is well with all of you! I made a beat last night, took 3 hours, and i reckon it to be one of my best beats to date. I got an request from a well known emcee to send him a batch of beats, so now i’m doing just that.

I’ve, so far, made 2 beats for the guy and i’ll probably make 2 more. I know emcees don’t wanna listen to more then 4 beats. I’m feeling very motivated by this and humbled by the beat request.

Talk to ya later and thank you for checking for my shit!

Peace | The ViKing

Here’s a video of me starting to work on the beat:

Instrumental album.

YO!! Good morning! Finally i managed to get up when the alarm clock went of buzzing me outta this great dream i had! Yo, that sample i showed you last night, the beat came out KILLER! I’m so pleased with that beat, one of the greatest beats i’ve ever made, for real!

I want to release an instrumental album but, i can’t decide on witch one to release. So help me out here! There’s a poll right below here so cast your votes!

Also here’s the video for those who missed it:

Coffee & Cuban Link.


Good morning! Still in bed, was up until 4 in the morning.

Yesterday was a good day! I started working on a beatpackage that i’m gonna be submitting in 4-5 days. I wanna get at least 4 beats in the package. This is a album submission for a great emcee!

Not much more to repport realy, been watching some old clips of Big Pun and Cuban Link on Youtube last night, i miss the old Terror Squad! There isn’t the same approach to music as in the 90’s, shit was way rougher then and people were more realer and had self respect then these kids today.

But this is not a rant so i’ll leave it be for now 😉

Gotta get up soon, i feel the coffein and nicotin receptors are starting to rebell!

Peace out / The ViKing