HHUG: Before becoming a hip hop music producer, you were a bass player in a metal band. What caused the transition from being a bass player to a hip hop music producer?

Nevahmind: I am still a bass player in that same metal band. I was always interested in music in it’s various shapes and sounds. One guy I was in high school with knew that about me and he approached me with a request if I could make him a beat. Keep in mind that I have up till then never made music using a computer, only live instruments. So I went to my music teacher and…

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Nevahmind joins us filled with renewed belief and energy, to let the world know that he is never going to turn his back on hip hop and that he is not set to retire. Furthering these facts, he explains his hopes and aspirations for 2011, as well as giving listeners the chance to contact him in person to discuss work together. This man’s production has been this show’s opening music for almost 12 months, so to reconnect with the music maker himself was a true pleasure.

Check out my whole interview below:

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