Nevahmind was born in Mitrovica, Kosovo and moved to Sarajevo, Bosnia during his childhood. When the Bosnian War broke out in 1992, Nevahmind and his family immigrated to Gothenburg, Sweden and began making beats in 1994.

Before making hip hop beats, Nevahmind was a bass player in a metal band before he was requested to compose an instrumental beat on Cubase. He then formed his first hip hop duo after releasing his first requested beat, but his member was impriosed and never heard from him again.

Nevahmind later on joined with Chi Tha Force to continue his career as a hip hop producer. The newly formed duo released an EP and a LP, but due to musical differences, the group separated.

Afterwards, Nevahamind formed a group with Joe Monmouth and Just-1 and produced an EP, but once again, musical differences among the members ceased the group.

Just-1 and Nevahmind decided to remain as a duo, dubbing the group as Conspiracy Of Mind. They released two EPs and a debut album – The Grand Deception (2009) – which was well received in the underground community. Due to personal reasons amond the two, Conspiracy Of Mind was disbanded in March of 2010, despite the increasing fan base since the release of their debut album. Nevahmind again continues to produce beats pursuing on his solo career.

written by Gerry H


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