Wack beats!


What the fuck is this!? I have wanted to touch upon this subject for a minute now, so here we go!


How the fuck are emcees content with “basic” beats? When i say “basic” i mean: A beat that includes:

1. Drums

2. Sample

3. Bass-line

NOTHING more then that.

Are emcees dumb as fuck or what is the deal here? I have experienced this first hand. I send emcees beats that took me like 4-5 hours to make, beats that consist of:

1. 2 or 3 drum patterns layered

2. Bass-line that follows the beat and other instruments (often recorded live by me)

3. Percussion, not only a crash but ride cymbal, crashes, splash, tambourine, toms and so on

4. Piano

5. Strings

(just realized while typing this that i’m giving away the ingredients of my beats )

and they almost never pick those beats. The ones they do pick are beats i made 3 years ago, beats that took 40 minutes to make. “Basic” beats basically. And when i read online comments such as: “Yo i just made 6 beats today, damn, i need to make more!” makes me wanna slap a beat-maker silly yo!!


The only emcee that ALWAYS picks the beats that take me 4-5 hours to make is: BEAST 1333 He seems to overstand the process and the hard work that these beats require to be labeled as a NEVAHMIND beat!


Maybe that’s the reason most music sucks ass today, quantity is preferred over quality. Dumb ass rappers, ya ain’t even deserving to be called emcees. Also dumb ass beat-makers, you download FL Studio and after 2 weeks ya think ya producers, hahahaha! Complete idiots!

I hate you all. That is all.




2 thoughts on “Wack beats!

  1. Word man!!!…Especially those that say “Yo i just made 6 beats today, damn, i need to make more!”, you just know it’s gonna be the same drum pattern over samples that’ve been used a million times before…

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