Random shit.

What up?

It’s a sunny day in Gothenburg, Sweden today, my wife is sunbathing on the balcony and I’m at the laptop blogging.  I’m probably gonna make a beat today, gonna try some new stuff.

For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve been working on several platforms when it comes to production. I started out with Cubase, moved on to FL Studio (started with V. 2, now on V. 9), then moved on to Reason V. 3. What i will embark on now will be the same platform i use when i mix tracks: Logic 8.

The reason i haven’t worked on Logic is because it’s time consuming, but, the sound quality is superior to the all mentioned previously!

As i was typing this i got an e-mail from a emcee, he shares his name with a boxer 😉 I will not say more on who he is, but i can say he just boosted my motivation curve way up…so…i’m now moving away from the laptop and on to the Mac G4 to start producing some heavy bangers for the man in question.


Thanx to all my fans for the continuous support!

/The ViKing


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