What up everybody?

So i’m at home today, have a day off from the internship. I will be blogging a bit more if the time allows it. This internship is fucking awesome, i’m constantlly surrounded by music and talented musicians and “studio folks”. The downside is that it takes all of my time, i hardly have any time for a personal life since i intern every business day and every other saturday from 2 pm to 10 pm and i get home around 12 pm. It is what it is though.

I’m really stoked and exited about the album me and BEAST 1333 are working on, it’s gonna be called “SUPREME”. We love the title, it says it all about the two of us and the music that we make. The tracks are coming out perfect and the chemistry between us is so great. It’s so refreshing to work with such a professional emcee, a guy who knows what the fuck he is doing, a guy that is on top of his game and only rising higher and higher.

The two songs we leaked from the album have gotten great responses and we are thankful for the feedback so far.

Me and Mr. Cruz from the TEMPLARS OF HIP HOP Records are working on a cover for the album, he also designes BEAST 1333’s website and the TEMPLARS OF HIP HOP Records site too, so expect nothing but greatness for the album cover.

Me and BEAST 1333 are gonna do an interview with CONSPIRACY WORLDWIDE RADIO before we release the album, we will also do an interview with HIPHOPUG.COM before the release.

After the “SUPREME” album is done i will take a break until i move on to the next project. I have 3 more records to produce after the album, i have beats to make for IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, VINNIE PAZ, CRUZ DURRTYJADA (GUERILLA WAR TACTIX general) and more emcees.

I hope you’re all doing well and i want to thank all of you for your support! It means a lot!

Watch this space for more info.


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